28 Days…ugh.

Each blog will be unscripted and 100% unfiltered its the 21st century, and its time to rip the bandage off the "TABOO TOPICS".


4c TwistOut

The shine is divine this morning y'all!!!  I went back to my roots with Cantu Leave-in Conditioner,Pink Lotion Moisturizer, Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil! I always get asked what do I use to make my hair shine and I always say Cantu!  Especially the Leave-In Conditioner! It can be tough to get sheen or… Continue reading 4c TwistOut


My Natural Hair Journey…. & What I’ve learned.

        So, I've been natural going on 4 1/2 years. My hair journey all started when I found out I was excepting a baby girl. Growing up I've always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. I can't even tell you the 1st time I relaxed my hair, but I know I… Continue reading My Natural Hair Journey…. & What I’ve learned.


Homework vs.Parents

In my house I am "Banned" from doing homework with my daughter. Let me correct myself I banned myself. Most parents can agree with me when I say that our kids today are completely over our heads. Personally, I should reteach myself before even trying to help my daughter. With math, reading, and science changing… Continue reading Homework vs.Parents


Bunhead 4 Life ( Life Skills)

Like Mother.... like Daughter  Dance classes are an amazing tool for teaching children basic life skills that can be used for throughout the rest of their lives. So many different skills and rules are needed to be successful in this world and kids are never too young to start learning them. 1. Spacial Awareness: Kids learn… Continue reading Bunhead 4 Life ( Life Skills)


Weekly Affirmations


Happy Birthday Gossip Girl

This September, it will have been ten years since the first episode of Gossip Girl aired! To commemorate, Vanity Fair (yes, the same magazine who published Dan's serials) wrote an article revisiting the show. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/08/gossip-girl-ten-year-anniversary In case you don't want to read the article in full, here are the ten best tips from it! Blake Lively was about… Continue reading Happy Birthday Gossip Girl


Foxbrim Retinol Cream with Advanced Complex: ProductReview

Okay so this Foxbrim Retinol Cream with Advanced Complex  isn't my favorite product from the Foxbrim collection. Don't worry they do have other moisturizes; the 'advance complex' just isn't working for me. I love the smell, but this product is a little sticky when its on my skin. Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera: has been used for thousands of… Continue reading Foxbrim Retinol Cream with Advanced Complex: ProductReview